Digital transition specialists offering document scanning,
cloud hosting and a box storage exit strategy.

ArchiveIT Services:

Document Scanning

ArchiveIT puts paper documents into digital format for storage or import into most electronic record software programs.

Box Storage Exit Strategy

ArchiveIT assumes stored files and provides a clear road map to reduce the cost and footprint of conventional box storage.

Full Text Search

Granular searchability enables ArchiveIT’s clients to find any word in any file, enterprise wide, for forensic analysis.

Retention Compliance

ArchiveIT allows for detailed reporting on file access during the entire lifecycle of archived files.

Cloud Hosting

ArchiveIT enables users to access data from anywhere, via the internet, without any hardware.

Digital Archiving

ArchiveIT provides the tools to store electronic files remotely and securely in a personalized database.

File Purging and Recycling

ArchiveIT helps clients protect their sensitive information with secure documentation.

Record Conservators

ArchiveIT assists companies who are closing their doors forever by meeting legal retention requirements for their documents.


Key Benefits of ArchiveIT


ArchiveIT proudly provides the services that your
industry and clientele demand, with the consumer
and information protection necessary to meet today’s
rigid legal requirements, all at a competitive price-point
that includes so much more than the competition!

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