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Why Choose To Partner With ArchiveIT? 

We Help Companies Archive Their Important Documents

For the past 18 years, ArchiveIT has been helping businesses like yours scan, shred and store important documents.  We help companies get rid of File Cabinets and close off-site document storage units, saving companies significant money while re-gaining office space.

During the pandemic, ArchiveIT is helping companies provide document access to remote employees via its secure, cloud-based Virtual File Cabinet (VFC) system.  The VFILECABINET system enables full-text search capabilities for all documents, including handwritten notes.

For important documents that must be stored, ArchiveIT stores boxes in its secure warehouse to facilitate legal retention compliance and we proactively alert our clients when document destruction is scheduled and needed.

Do you have stored documents?

We can help you too!

ArchiveIT, Document Scanning Service, Torrance, CA

Benefits of a Partnership with ArchiveIT


We take your data security seriously and have multiple layers of protection, such as secure cloud hosting with 256-bit file encryption. With a hardware network firewall and redundant off-site file backups, you can be assured your records are being protected.


As your digital transition partner, we provide a wide range of document services to increase productivity. From customized capture and electronic file storage solutions to box exit strategies to free you from storage fees, we have a proven track record of success and customer service.


With clear concise pricing and no hidden fees, our value goes beyond our affordable solutions. Our team provides a clear path to reducing storage costs and preventing box storage exploitation. Imagine the benefits of having instant access to your records and reclaiming valuable office space.

How it Works

ArchiveIT assists members of each business sector with their individual document storage and retention requirements, taking them from where they currently are, to where they want to be.

Whether a fully paperless office is the goal or an incremental box storage exit strategy or a day-forward electronic imaging service, ArchiveIT can become your transitional partner, something that is missing from today’s many document management options.

Allow us to assess your needs and get you on your way to a more efficient and organized business environment. Our service is like no other.

Our Proven Process

Pick Up and Prepare Your Documents

We pick up your boxes and prepare them for scanning. All boxes are indexed, and when legally necessary, safely store them in our warehouse. We can also remove and recycle your File Cabinets. Just ask!

Scanning and Storage

We scan all your documents and load them into your Virtual File Cabinet. We can scan double-sided, Black & White, Color, bound, folded – we do it all.

archive drawer

Your Virtual File Cabinet

Scanned documents are loaded into your secure, online Virtual File Cabinet (VFC). You can perform full text searches; it even recognizes handwritten notes. Lock the drawers and issue keys. It’s your file cabinet, without taking up the floor space!

Shredding and Recycling

Scanned files are held on-site for 60 days, followed by secure document destruction and recycling. We also alert you when certain files are scheduled for destruction.

Our Company Core Values

Make Great Things Happen

We understand that our work matters and strive to create a meaningful impact.

We build strong relationships with mutual respect, kindness, and shared goals.

We approach every interaction with a positive attitude and believe in the best of others.

Performing at Our Highest Potential

We value hard work and excellence, both in our work and in the work of others.

We prioritize solutions and act urgently to meet the needs of others.

We maintain a high standard of professionalism in conduct, image, and communication.

All Hands Working Together

We work towards superior results by collaborating with employees, customers, and partners.

We believe teamwork is built on trust, synergy, and accountability.

We empower each team member to contribute towards improving our business.

Doing the Right Thing...Integrity Always

We work towards superior results by collaborating with employees, customers, and partners.

We believe teamwork is built on trust, synergy, and accountability.

We empower each team member to contribute towards improving our business.

Our Founder

Guy Puckett & Lili

Contact Guy Directly: 

mobile: 310-704-6176
office: 310-618-0550
email: Guy@ArchiveIT.com

Guy Puckett has been archiving documents for 20 years, and he loves it!

Originally in copier sales, Guy realized that “paperless” was the goal and began scanning and shredding documents for the Escrow Industry.  As Escrow continually moves towards digital, Guy expanded ArchiveIT into Southern California’s leader in one-stop, archival services.

Every day, people ask: “What do I do with all this paper?”  Guy’s answer: Securely put it online and shred it!

ArchiveIT combines excellent service and technology to archive documents, one box, one file cabinet and one storage unit at a time. 

“Our employees are the best!  They take great pride in handling documents properly and with care, and together we’ve helped thousands of businesses archive their documents.  I’m proud of my team, and we are just getting started!”

Guy is a Southern California native and is happily married to his wife, Lili. He has two children, a dog and a great passion for serving and giving back to his community.

“I love what I do, and I’m blessed with a great family and business.” 

Who could ask for anything more?

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